Top Gear în America

Fantastic! Cea mai puternica natiune de pe glob.

Dintre comentarii:


1 week ago

This is the backwoods sh*t on the outskirts. The bigger cities are a little more inviting. Still trashy and full of subhuman creatures but the interracial couples, gays and anti-republicans are around. We just keep our mouths shut and stay with our „own kind”: people who’s parents aren’t cousins and with an IQ above 80. Normal is definitely a minority here.


15 hours ago

haha love it !! and with all due respect, this does portrait a steriotypical american … but i say its cus of religion religion fucked up people and causes a dam lot of wars .. there should be no people like this in the world .. to have them in a small hick town is bad enough they should just not be around!


5 days ago

Hey I actually live in bama so **** you no **** you and your family for calling us out on something the south loves and haits we can’t help it it’s just the way we are


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